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The story of the Tower of Babel from the Book of Genesis describes a humanity unified by a common language and aspiring to reach the heavens by building a great tower. Alas, it wasn’t to be, and God gave the world a babel of languages to challenge us. 


Today, Rebuild Babel relies on a team professional translators, writers and interpreters to communicate beyond the linguistic borders that the fall of the tower created. Rebuild Babel is more than a translation service, it is a community where people of all languages can come together in pursuit of universal understanding. 

Project Managers

Ralph Srouji

Ralph Srouji, translation agency, translation service, content writing, project manager,

The idea of rebuilding Babel through quality translation was born from the practical experience of one person, Ralph Srouji. Always fascinated by language, Ralph earned a degree in literature and fluently speaks English, French, and Arabic. 

Moving to Houston after university, Ralph worked as a freelance translator, learning the value of precise human translation, of trusted collaboration with other translators, and of working with clients to create perfectly crafted messages. 

From his database of experienced professionals, Rebuild Babel was born, dedicated to the novel idea that customers should get the most value for their investments. 

Through Ralph’s hard work and vision, Rebuild Babel has grown quickly to become one of the leading translation agencies. Many local, national, and international businesses rely on our quality translation services. 

Caitlin Richardson

Caitlin Richardson, Translation Agency, Translation Service, Project Manager

Caitlin has been interested in languages since beginning French lessons in elementary school. Originally from the Southeastern US, she studied in Europe as an undergraduate in college and, as a result, met people from all over the world with many different languages and cultures. 

She is currently residing in France and has traveled through many countries in Europe. During her MSc and work with a French startup and later a Franco-American nonprofit, she became more aware of the importance of proper communication through all languages.

Caitlin’s work background includes education, IT, and tourism. She is fluent in English and French.

Lesley Griffith



Lesley grew up on the East Coast of Canada where her eyes were opened to different languages from a young age.

After studying business at University, she travelled to many different countries, where her passion for meeting people and learning about their different cultures began.

She eventually settled in the South of France where she now lives with her two children.

Working at Rebuild Babel has been a natural fit for Lesley, as she gets to interact with a variety of different translators and writers daily, while providing a high standard of content to our clients.

Laurence Micheletti


Laurence is a citizen of the world. She grew up between the rugged, untouched beauty of Corsica in the Mediterranean and the expansive and magnificent Australian countryside.

Having travelled extensively since childhood, her international background makes her a natural addition to the team and provides Rebuild Babel clients an essential awareness of the importance of translating different languages while maintaining contextual integrity.

Laurence is fluent in English and French and enjoys working with both linguists and clients to ensure quality and timely work.

Our Linguists



Our translators and writers are native speakers of every language in the world and experts in your sector. From engineering to gaming, medical to automotive, we have the right linguist for your project. 



Since 2006 we have been building a pool of qualified translators and writers from around the world. Many have been with us from the beginning because they deliver excellent and on time translations and articles over and over. 

What our Linguists say about us...


Ralph and his team at Rebuild Babel have been great to work with - in fact they are one of my favourite collaborators. They are always responsive, on-time with payment and available to answer any questions to ensure the utmost quality.

Melanie Bernier ~ French Canadian


Working with Rebuild Babel is pleasure: interesting jobs, timely payments, reasonable deadlines and great communication.

You can count on them!

Luis Batista ~ Portugese Brazilian


It’s always a pleasure to work with the team at Babel translation - very easy-going, always there to help you if you have any questions, and they always make sure that you get paid on time for your work!

Lisa van Ginhoven ~ Swedish


Rebuild Babel has a very straightforward and human approach to translation. Ralph is so much is fun to work with!

Artem Velichko ~ Ukranian & Russian

I have to say that our collaboration has been excellent from the beginning.

Rebuild Babel is a top notch agency with high valued people and a true pleasure to work with! 

Ingveldur St. ~ Icelandic


Rebuild Babel has always been a real pleasure to collaborate with for over more than a decade. Always interesting projects and they have very professional and friendly project managers who give clear job instructions, make timely payments and are responsive to queries.

Nagehan Carroll ~ Turkish

Become a Linguist

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